Spread Your Wings

…at the Linnaeus Teaching Garden Butterfly Garden.  We have a wonderful new garden area available for you, your family, and friends.

Come Watch the Progression

Visit often and watch the Butterfly Garden come alive as the young plants we put in the ground in early May grow and get more beautiful each day.  They peak around June and July, then continue to draw pollinators into the fall.  There is always something new to see.



A Teaching Tool for Adults and Children

The Linnaeus Butterfly Garden has signage identifying the butterflies you might see in the garden.  Pick a favorite and see if you can find one, or once you spot a butterfly, check out the sign to identify and learn.


Don’t Forget Larvae Host Plants

Plants that host butterfly larvae (caterpillars) are just as important as those with showy blooms.  Look closely to see what interesting caterpillars you can find on host plants such as parsley.


Open Whenever Woodward Park is Open

The Linnaeus Butterfly Garden is open, even when the main Linnaeus garden is not.  It is located along the drive and parking lot outside the gates, across from the Red Barn Visitor’s Center.  Come early in the morning, at mid-day, or in the evening.  The Linnaeus Butterfly Garden is always available whenever Woodward Park is (5am-11pm).


Linnaeus Gardeners are Here to Help

During normal opening hours Linnaeus Gardeners can help guide you through the Linnaeus Butterfly Garden.  If you don’t see someone outside, check in the Barn.  Anyone there will be glad to help.